Amelia Earhart Substation & Commemorative Wall

Client: Westar Energy

Project Date: March 2016 to September 2017

Man Hours: 19,600

While building a new substation, in the hilly Atchison community, it was evident a retaining wall would be needed. Instead of installing a standard boring retaining wall, Westar and the City of Atchison wanted to do something special and honor the city's favorite daughter, Amelia Earhart.

Wolf was asked to not only build the substation but also to design and install a one of a kind commemorative wall. It was a unique opportunity to showcase our more artistic side. Several designs were created and the "Timeline" option was selected to adorn the wall.

Wolf Craftsmen were able to flex their creative muscles and create something that was not always what we're known. Using custom concrete forms, we were able to produce a 3D relief into the retaining wall. 

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