LEC CCR Containment Basin #1

Client: Westar Energy

Project Date: August 2015 to October 2015

Man Hours: 19,181

This project included building a 500 feet long by 100 feet wide by 15 feet tall concrete basin consisting of 495,000 lbs. of reinforcing steel and 3,400 cubic yards of concrete. The basin is designed to capture by-products from the combustion of coal used to generate power. The project required the collaboration between Wolf Construction, Structural Design Consultant, Ready-Mix Supplier, and Industry Experts to develop a special design mix that would mature rapidly, resist chemical interaction with the contained liquids, and would result in a structure that had controlled shrinkage parameters. The utility piping was installed at the same time the basins were installed with minimal interruption to the client’s normal operations.

The basin was completed ahead of schedule in 8 weeks.

Wolf Construction, Inc. received a first-place award from the American Concrete Institute in the Infrastructure Category in 2015 recognizing creative, value and schedule driven accomplishments on this project.

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