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We are committed to the art of true value creation through innovation and genuine craftsmanship. We will not sacrifice this commitment for the sake of profit nor longevity.

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Brand Promises

We handle every project with exacting precision and assure our brand promises: safety, quality, control, service and reinvestment.

Our Promises

Core Values

Worn bare by our experience, these truths have been revealed to us over time and assembled into our Core Values which we believe to be self-evident, genuine and enduring requirements for our purpose.

Our Values

Our Clients

Rely on our 35 years experience in the industry


Clinton Whitaker

Project Manager

Started at Wolf in 2019


Career Experience

Clinton brings with him over 20 years of hands-on construction experience and knowledge to Wolf. He is accustomed to a fast-paced and on-demand work environment. No matter the size of the job, Clinton approaches the task with the same determination and focus to ensure the job is completed efficiently and safely. 



Certified Aerial Work Platform Operator


We believe that art is more than just a painting or sculpture. Art is anything that one fully commits themselves to in the pursuit of perfection. True artisans with integrity are not motivated by external rewards or penalties, but are rather enthusiastically motivated from within to create genuine works that leave them with a sense of pride and accomplishment. In this way many industrial craftsmen are artists. They are fully committed to the pursuit of perfection of their craft and find tremendous satisfaction from a job well done. It is our honor and privilege to support these industrial craftsmen and women that produce useful industrial works with the passion of an artist; craftsmen who are committed to the art of the craft. - Dave Gary and Dusty Gary

From Our Clients

“I wanted to let you know that you dispatched a great crew for our project. Your guys were very professional, worked safe, and were overall a pleasure to work with.”
Carl Morris, Corrosion Technician III Corrpro - Military Fuels and Infrastructure

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